Our Company

Paradisiotis Ltd is not only one of the largest and most accomplished companies in the field of chicken farming in Cyprus but ever since the company’s inception in 1975, it has always looked to producing the best products for the Cypriot consumer.

The company’s mission has, and will always continue to be, to produce tasty, easy to prepare quality products to satisfy the pocket and the needs of every individual person in Cyprus.

Paradisiotis Ltd holds approximately 25% of the food product market and thus is due to the fact that the company and its employees adhere values. This value include teamwork, innovation, quality products, good service and the respect for the needs of the Cypriot consumer, always trying to improve the range of products and services to suits their needs.

They offer a substantial range of fresh and frozen products and not only poultry products for what they are famous, but they also offer a selection of pork and beef products as well as kalamari, eggs and frozen potatoes.

Paradisiotis Ltd takes great pride with the quality of its products and with the service they provide to their customers.

Paradisiotis group of companies employs about 180 people, in Ora at the slaughterhouse, in Aradippou at the mill and at the offices and modern factory at Ayios Silas. The factory adheres to all the EU technology and has been reworded with the following certificates of cleanliness, hygiene and quality.



That was the year of beginning. The father Andreas Paradisiotis begins the chicken farming in order to make a living for his children. Day after day, people from other areas as Limassol and Larnaca showed interest for his chickens, thus the father had had to increase the producing.

Construction of the first commercial livestock premises in response to increased demand.
Following a period of rapid growth, four additional livestock buildings were erected in 1982, 1984, 1985 and 1986.


Paradisiotis opened its first, self-contained poultry feed mill in Ora.


A semi-automated poultry slaughterhouse was constructed in Ora. This provided much needed additional capacity for the growing retail, wholesale and catering markets.

The year of the official foundation of the company. Shareholders the eight children, members of the family.

The opening of the first retail shop for selling chicken in Limassol was a great idea, since it shares important information from the customers about new and current products.

Sales processes were expanded ,thus we cover the whole Cyprus.


Due to the entrance of Cyprus in the European Union in 2004, Paradisiotis Ltd follows a program of inspection and upgrade of the already high operating levels, in order to fully harmonized with the EU’s rules and specifications, paying extra attention to the rules about slaughterhouses.

As part of its corporate strategy to expand in the area of pork, beef and lamb, Paradisiotis acquires Costakis Constantinou Prepared Quality Foods Ltd. The company was later renamed as Paradisiotis PQF Ltd.
The very modern factory were built, using high technical level technology. There is the factory which is considered as a landmark in the Cypriot industry. Into the factory, there is a unit for finished food.

Development of fish Trading. Approval of our facilities from Taco Bell for production of their pre-cooked products.

Erection of-two new super modern breeding facilities in Ora for further ability in coverage of our needs in fresh chicken.



Acquisition of Fast Wall Properties Ltd.




Lease of a piece of land in the Ypsonas 3rd Industrial Area, adjacent to Paradisiotis’ production and processing plant, for development.