Get fit with Nutrition & Exercise

Let’s guide our kids on a healthy and active way of living.

Taking into consideration that child obesity tends to increase, the Dietician – Clinical Nutritionist Christina Papadopoulou-Fesa, took the initiative to create a theatrical and biomatic show entitled “Diatrofogimnastite ti forma sas na vreite” that means “Get fit with Nutrition & Exercise”.

The show aims to educate children aged 2-10 years old on a healthy diet and physical exercise.

After the approval of Ministry of Education and Culture and also the grand support of Paradisiotis Ltd as a Great Sponsor, the show is going to be launched on Public and Private Schools on preschool and primary education this school year (2016-2017).

The show includes:

  • Education on a theatrical style
  •  Songs and music
  • Interactive games and experiential exercises
  • Magic tricks
  • Demonstration with basketballs
  • Fitness exercise