Cyprus Innovation Award in Primary Sector 2018

“It is my honor and joy that representing Paradisiotis Ltd I received the Cyprus Innovation Award in Primary Sector for CUBORA heating system. I would like to thank OEB Cyprus for the Award as well as the entire company team, that with its knowledge and experience has contributed the most for this award. We thank you and promise to implement new future innovative ideas with a view of sustainable development. Thank you very much.” was the thank-you message of George Paradisiotis.

Paradisiotis has been awarded for CUBORA constant and fully controlled heating system, that is applying in its two ultramodern poultry premises.

Innovation of CUBORA is based not only on a variety of its machines advantages but also to the fact that Paradisiotis is the first and only company that apply this system in Cyprus. CUBORA took its name from Ora village, where’s the innovation has been developed.