Chicken Shieftalia

As an active supporter for the traditional culture, Paradisiotis Ltd participates in events such as the 13th Festival of Tradition and Culture and the “3rd Exhibition of products and Services made in Cyprus”. Thus, our company strongly suggests the chicken shieftalia.

Only a limited amount of people have never tasted shieftalia, as it is one of the most popular food products in Cyprus, that we are very proud of.

For those who may not have taken into consideration, shieftalia I usually made with a mixture of pork meat, finely chopped onions, parsley, cinnamon, salt and black pepper. However, other spices and herbs can be added. Furthermore the mixture is wrapped in caul fat.

As a chicken specialist and an adorer of traditional Cypriot food, Paradisiotis Ltd has created most probably the tastiest variation of shieftalia made with chicken from our own production.

Shieftalia is mainly cooked on grill and is usually served with souvla or souvlakia. There is no specific season for eating the specific food, thus we can enjoy it throughout the year. It is ideal for every occasion that is celebrated with the combination of food.

In Paradisiotis we make it as we know best, the cooking is up to you!