13th Festival of Tradition and Culture

Get the chance to experience firsthand Cypriot customs and manners

Paradisiotis Ltd, a recognized platinum sponsor, is wholly supporting the Women Association of Rural of Larnaka in its efforts to uphold and to promote the traditional culture of Cyprus, using the annual tradition and Culture festival for the 13th year in succession, where this year will be held in Ora village on the 1st of October at 17:00. In conjunction with the Community Board of Ora.

The festival is a pancyprian affair and has been taking place the last 12 years with complete success attracting more than 10,000 people. It is also part of one of the largest festivities which is completely dedicated to the Traditional Culture.

It is a great opportunity for visitors to familiarize themselves with our tradition and culture through all the various stalls. Presenting the visitor with a view of traditional tastes and arts.

The younger generation would be granted the chance to experience firsthand Cypriot customs and manners from yesteryear.

And of course the festival would not be complete without the obligation music and dance, demonstrated by various groups.

We will all be there, supporting and enjoying this worth cause. Please join us!